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How Abrupt U-Turns Are Defining U.S. Environmental Regulations

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The higher price of oil is helping tank the price of natural gas.


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When will solar and wind overtake coal? Soon, U.S. energy agency says.

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An Untested Oil Price Cap Has Helped Choke Revenue to Russia

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How an Aging Armada and Mystery Traders Keep Russian Oil Afloat


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Climate Change from A to Z

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Fears of Another Gas Shock Drive Biden to Seek Price Cap on Russian Oil

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Fierce local battles over power lines are a bottleneck for clean energy

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European Central Bank announces plans to raise its key interest rate

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Coal, the dirtiest of the fossil fuels, is in high demand

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Remote work means using more energy: here's how to cut that higher energy bill

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`The weeks ahead could be rather ugly with rising prices': Russia's invasion of Ukraine could send gas prices to $4 a gallon

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Market failures vs. regulatory shortcomings

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Russia's war with Ukraine offers critical lessons for global energy markets


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Why Illinois paid $694 million to keep nuclear plants open

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A Winter of Giant Gas Bills Is Coming. Are You Ready?

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Pritzker's energy policy promises 40% renewable power by 2030. But Illinois has fallen short of earlier targets.

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Coal prices are rising, but producers can't keep up with demand

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Legislative Staff Debugs Climate Plan As Manchin Threatens Its Existence

Talking Points Memo, Kate Riga:
The Crux Of Democrats' Climate Plan Is Hovering Somewhere Between Life And Death

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Unfortunately, I Care About Power Lines Now

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`Fiasco Waiting To Happen': Millions At Risk Of Losing Power Over Unpaid Bills

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Coal use rises as natural gas prices spike

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Remote workers' energy bills are rising. Should employers reimburse them?

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Your job saved money on electric bills during the pandemic. You didn't.

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OFF THE GRID: A flood of federal aid often fails to reach America's poorest families

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Working From Home Is Driving Up Our Energy Costs. Should Employers Foot the Bill?

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As a winter storm pounds much of the country, there's `significant risk' of mass utility disconnection, but these Americans may feel it most

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There Could Be an Energy Bill Debt Tsunami, Too


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Where electricity bills are set to surge around the U.S. this summer

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Amid Pandemic, Here's What Researchers Have Learned About The Economy

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Working from home is driving up power bills

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The pandemic is destroying energy efficiency

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Daily on Energy: Households use a lot of energy working from home

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U.S. Wind and Solar Installations Are Smashing Records, but the Trend May Not Last

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Pandemic Electric Bills Are Searing Hot, As Families Stay Home

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Emissions Are Surging Back as Countries and States Reopen

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COVID Pandemic-19 Shows Telecommuting Can Help Fight Climate Change

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Pandemic's Cleaner Air Could Reshape What We Know About the Atmosphere

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Another Way to See the Recession: Power Usage Is Way Down

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U.S. Power Use Weakening After Plunging in Italy Amid Coronavirus